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First Time Bouldering?

Bouldering is a discipline of rock climbing that is done on shorter walls without rope.

Indoor bouldering is a great way to stay in shape, socialise and develop problem solving skills. It’s for everyone, regardless of athletic ability and physical prowess, the climbs at our gym accommodate all skill levels! More often than not, climbs can be completed is many different ways!


Please sign the safety waiver below if it's your first time!

Sign Waiver

FAQ's For First Timers

Comfortable clothing and lots of water! If you don’t have climbing shoes that’s ok, we provide climbing shoes for hire ($7 for the entire day)

For a start to have lots of fun! The bouldering community is extremely social and the staff at Beta One are always happy to help you get started on your climbing adventures

Nope! You can simply walk right during our opening hours or sign up online before coming in!

To speed up the process when you arrive, make sure you sign the waiver online before arriving!

Our gym has more than 550 square meters of climbing wall with 200 square meters of training and leisure areas. The upstairs training area includes squat racks, free weights, a Tension board and Yoga room. Restrooms are located both upstairs and downstairs. There is also a lounge area to hang out and table tennis!


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