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Beta One Bouldering Gym Rules

Please read and follow our rules to keep yourself and other climbers safe!

·       The mats are a landing zone, do not walk or sit under other climbers.

·       Look out for climbers on the wall.

·       Make sure your climb doesn’t intersect with other climbers to avoid any collisions.

·       Ask before you provide advice on a climb, some people like to figure it out themselves!

·       Always climb down if possible. Use our green down climb holds to help you.

·       Try to land with the bottom of both feet squarely on the mat.

·       Bend your knees and roll onto your back when jumping off the wall.

·       Avoid rotating your body or landing with your arms out behind you.

·       Practice soft landing from a lower height until you’re comfortable!

·       No persons under 16 years old are allowed in the training area.

·       Do not drop weights.

·       Re-rack your weights when done.

·       Wipe down equipment after use.

Furry four-legged friends are very welcome in our gym! However, there are a few rules you need to
keep in mind before you bring your doggo in.

We will ask any dogs to leave if they are unable to abide by our dog policy.

·       Dogs must be supervised or kept on a leash at all times in the gym.

·       Dogs are NOT allowed on the mats under any circumstances.

·       Dogs must behave appropriately, no loud barking or howling.

·       Owners must clean up all accidents, dogs tend to pee to mark their territory

·       Aggressive dogs will not be allowed in the gym

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