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Kids At Beta One

Beta One Bouldering Gym is designed for adults. Kids under supervision are welcome to come and join in. Gym Rules must be followed.

Kids over 12 years old are welcome to climb in our bouldering gym. All kids must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian before entering the gym.

To maintain a safe climbing atmosphere, parents/guardians with kids must ensure the following:

· No running and chasing on the mats.

· Be aware of possible hazards cause by other climbers above & around.

· No standing or sitting on the mats when not climbing.

· Kids are supervised all the time.

· Adult to child supervision ratio of 1:2 (under 14 years), 1:4 (14-16 years),
1:8 (over 16 years).

For group bookings with kids and school events please contact our staff for rules.

If you are an experienced climber or currently a member of any Climbing Squad/Team, please inform our friendly staff and discuss the possible exemptions.

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